2019 Guest Lecture

Golden Snowdrops by Valentin Wijnen

"Golden Snowdrops" will focus on yellow varieties of Galanthus. We will cover both the well-known and brand-new varieties. Topics will range from selections, criteria, naming, and general cultivation. The lecture will be full of photos from Valentin's personal collection and those who have discovered the new varieties.


About  Valentin Wijnen 

Valentin has been lecturing on different aspects of Galanthus for the last 15 years. His lectures have taken him across Europe and the UK, and included a crowd of 400 galanthophiles in Manneheim. We're thrilled he's able to come to our side of the pond to share his knowledge.

Valentin lives in Belgium where he teaches biology, chemistry, and physics. He lives with his wife Melanie and son Senne.

"I am not only thrilled but also proud to have the opportunity to speak at David Culp's Galanthus Gala. I look forward to meeting American galanthophiles and sharing in each other's enthusiasm."

-Valentin Winjen


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